Some fans theorize that Yoon Gwi-nam is still alive after the explosion in “All Of Us Are Dead”     

They speculated that Yoon Gwi-nam (played by Yoo In-soo), the representative villain of “All Of Us Are Dead,” was still alive.

On Feb 8th, a video containing the interpretation of Netflix original series All Of Us Are Dead’s ending was posted on the YouTube account “Minhoaurs.” First of all, this YouTuber mentioned the “left eye” detail, saying that Yoon Gwi-nam (played by Yoo In-soo) and Choi Nam-ra (played by Cho Yi-hyun), who have become immune to the zombie virus, have a common feature.

Yoon Gwi-nam All Of Us Are Dead

He said, “If their immunity to the zombie virus is related to their ‘left eye’, Lee Chung-san (played by Yoon Chan-young) is also likely to have survived as an immune.” He then explained that the power of the missile was not as destructive as expected when they lured and bombed the zombies in Hyosan City.

Yoon Gwi-nam All Of Us Are Dead

He argued that the missile fell on the schoolground right in front of the school, but when looking at the school building that appeared in the last episode, there seems to be no significant damage to the building structure. He also focused on the fact that the last bloody battle between Lee Chung-san and Yoon Gwi-nam was at a construction building quite far from the school’s main building.

Yoon Gwi-nam All Of Us Are Dead

This YouTuber added validity, saying, “It was not completed yet and still under construction, but the building looked quite normal.” Finally, he said, “Critically, there are burned bodies in the main building of the school that was the nearest to the missile, but there are no burnt bodies of Lee Chung-san or Yoon Gwi-nam at the construction site here.”

Yoon Gwi-nam All Of Us Are Dead

He added, “Through this, we can guess that Lee Chung-san and Yoon Gwi-nam have survived.” 

Yoon Gwi-nam All Of Us Are Dead
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