Some fans still show support even though Kim Seon-ho officially admitted to wrongdoings towards ex-girlfriend

As soon as actor Kim Seon-ho opened his mouth about the controversy over his private life, some fans came forward to support him. 

On Oct 20th, Salt Entertainment released Kim Seon-hos official statement, “We apologize to people who have been disappointed and damaged by this incident.” Earlier, netizen A revealed on an online community that she was the ex-girlfriend who had dated actor K, and that K urged her to have an abortion. A shared, “We started dating in early 2020 and it has been 4 months since we broke up. He forced me to have an abortion under the pretense of marriage, and demanded unilateral sacrifices from me as he became a star.” Since then, Kim Seon-ho has been at the center of controversy.

Kim Seon-ho took out words, “I sincerely apologize for the delay in my statement. After the article mentioning my name was released not long ago, I have experienced such fear for the first time. Finally, now I was able to write something for you.” He then confessed, “I met that person with good feelings. In the process, I hurt her with my carelessness and inconsiderate behaviors.” In the meantime, he bowed his head, saying he wanted to deliver a proper apology to his ex-girlfriend.

As soon as the official statement was released, some fans ran to Kim Seon-ho’s Instagram and left messages of support such as “It’ll be alright. People please wake up”, “It breaks my heart to think how scared you must have been”, “There are many fans who support you, so spread your shoulders and act confidently”… Some also recommended a new start, “There are many fans who have been waiting for you, so let’s start over again”, “We will return stronger after everything’s over”, “I support you and believe that you’ll grow further through this incident”…

Meanwhile, as Kim Seon-ho officially apologized to his ex-girlfriend, the public is focusing on the direction of his next 3 films. 


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