Is Kim Seon-ho actor K? True accusation or not, the actor and his agency has failed to handle the situation

The golden time to release a statement has passed, but there is nothing but silence from Kim Seon-ho, who was pointed out as actor K, and his agency Salt Entertainment.

Earlier on Oct 17th, Internet user A posted an article about an “actor K” on a domestic portal site. A, who claims to have dated actor K, said that she was forced to have an abortion by actor K.

According to A, the two have been dating from the beginning of last year (2020) to the middle of this year (summer). A claimed that when she stopped taking contraception due to her health, she had had sexual intercourse without contraception at the request of actor K, and that she had informed actor K of her pregnancy in July last year. Actor K convinced her to have the abortion and promised to marry her, using reasons such as billions of won in damages for brands he was doing advertising for. The problem is after the abortion. After the baby disappeared, actor K‘s attitude changed. Actor K started to show mood swings, using his work as an excuse and suddenly announced their breakup at the end of May.

Kim Seon Ho

A said, “It will be impossible for me to live a normal life anymore, seeing his drastically different image on TV like this. So as a woman, I decided to take all the risks of revealing my personal story and post this here. I’m still in a state of severe mental and physical trauma not only due to the aftereffects of separation but also with his subhuman actions. He demanded a one-sided sacrifice from me, using the excuses that he was sensitive due to his filming schedule and that he had become a star now. He fooled me under the guise of marriage and forced me to get rid of my precious baby. If I didn’t write it out like this, I wouldn’t be able to live a proper life in the shadow of the pain he gave me for the rest of my life,” she wrote.

Kim Seon Ho

Some netizens have requested A for evidence. This is because A’s claim already contains enough content to specify who actor K is. When asked for evidence, A said, “Many people ask me to post pictures, and that’s not difficult. There are so many pictures. However, the reason why I didn’t upload photos and evidence right away is because of legal reasons, and I’m now thinking about whether to upload the photos. It’s easy, but I have to be careful. “I’ve been suffering from guilt and pain for more than a year, and I didn’t write this after an easy decision or just because of bad temper,” she stressed.

Following this post of A, articles about actor K were plastered on every community bulletin board. A war of nerves broke out between netizens who are debating about the true identity of actor K. A YouTuber who mentioned actor K’s real name also appeared. The Youtuber is Lee Jin-ho, who appears to be a reporter in the entertainment department in the past. On the afternoon of Oct 18th, Lee Jin-ho claimed that actor K was Kim Seon-ho, and rumors surrounding him had already existed in the industry. Many media outlets have reported actor K’s real name, citing Lee Jin-ho’s live broadcast video.

However, Kim Seon-ho and his company, SALT Entertainment, have not yet released any statement since the morning of October 18th. Half a day has passed since the news was reported, they still remain silent. Donga.com reporters contacted Kim Seon-ho directly but received no reply. His company also refused to pick up calls as if they were reluctant to answer. They neither replied nor did anything to express their position.

kim seon ho

Meanwhile, people who have been waiting for Kim Seon-ho and his company’s response are anxious. Many advertisers have taken down content related to Kim Seon-ho. It is also said that some are preparing for a better solution depending on the situation. The casting and production team of Kim Seon-ho’s drama are also in big trouble. Unless Kim Seon-ho‘s side releases any position, they cannot do anything at the moment. Everyone is just waiting for an official statement from the actor.

Other cast members of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” (directed by Yoo Je-won, written by Shin Ha-eun), which ended on October 17th, are also worried. Kim Seon-ho was reported to participate in a media interview on October 20th. The problem is that other actors also have scheduled interviews. Even if they try to avoid mentioning his name, it would not be easy for them to leave out the story of Kim Seon-ho, who played the main character “Chief Hong” Hong Doo-sik in this drama.

This situation is literally a nuisance. Whether the accusation is true or not, Kim Seon-ho and his company should have said something, but they decided to delay their answer. Therefore, many people are nervously waiting for his position only. It’s not their fault, but they still have to keep their eyes on the situation. Regardless of the suspicion’s authenticity, his halt in giving a position that caused damages to others is already the worst way to deal with the problem. People have been discussing here and there in the industry about Kim Seon-ho and his company’s silence.

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