SNSD Taeyeon revealed why she suddenly cut her hair short 

Taeyeon of SNSD (Girls’ Generation) explained why she suddenly switched to short hair

On July 28th, Taeyeon’s group SNSD (also known as Girls’ Generation), attended the recording for JTBC’s variety show “Knowing Bros”. Here, Taeyeon appeared with stunning short bob hair – a complete contrast from her normal appearance. 

snsd taeyeon

Talking about this drastic change, Taeyeon’s stylish revealed the reason behind the short hair on her YouTube channel “ummazing”.

In particular, the stylist said: “Taeyeon’s hair was damaged, so I cut her hair yesterday. The short hair seems to go well with her school uniform, so I think it came out prettier. I’m happy that the clothes she wore matched her hair.”

taeyeon stylish

For nearly 10 months, Taeyeon bleached her hair and constantly changing it to different colors such as pink, blonde, silver, beige, ash brown, and chocolate brown. As a result, her hair was heavily damaged. 

taeyeon stylish

Meanwhile, on August 8th, Taeyeon’s group SNSD will be releasing their full album “FOREVER1”  – their first comeback with an 8-member lineup since 5 years ago. The group also celebrate their 15th anniversary within the same month. 

Source: wikitree

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