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SNSD members recreated their hits of the past 15 years: Yoona showed glowing visuals untouched by time

A video that showed SNSD dancing to all of their hits has gone viral across the net 

Fans of SNSD have been rejoicing as the legendary girl group announced they are going to release a full album in celebration of their 15th year anniversary, with the full 8-member line up. In addition, SNSD will also promote through various variety shows appearances, where they can freely show their charms. 

Among those, JTBC has announced the reality show “Soshi Tamtam”, which has drawn ample attention from the hilarious teaser that shows SNSD going wild. A recent video from this show, where members of SNSD recreated their old hits, has also gone viral among Korean netizens.

snsd soshi tamtam
The reality show “Soshi Tamtam” drew great attention with its hilarious teaser
SNSD members recreated their hit songs in a video 

In particular, legendary songs like “Into The New World”, “Run Devil Run”, “Hoot”, “The Boys”, “I Got A Boy”.. were covered by SNSD members. Additionally, alongside their humor and talents, the SNSD girls and their outstanding visuals after all the years have also become a hot topic 

Netizens even commented that time seems to have forgotten the girl group, seeing that all members look as young as their debut day. “Did they age in reverse?”, some questioned. 

snsd soshi tamtam
Tiffany and her eye smile remains the same after 15 years 
snsd soshi tamtam
Taeyeon and the cute moment when she forgot her own song 
snsd soshi tamtam
Yoona proves herself to be a visual goddess after 15 years in the industry 
snsd soshi tamtam
Yoona during “Hoot” era and now 
snsd soshi tamtam
Sunny recreated “Run Devil Run” 
snsd soshi tamtam
Tiffany went back to their debut song “Into The New World”
snsd soshi tamtam
Sooyoung wore a sexy blazer to cover “The Boys”
snsd soshi tamtam
Hyoyeon in “I Got A Boy” is not much different from now 
snsd soshi tamtam
Yuri looked glamorous as she attempted “Lion Heart” 
snsd soshi tamtam
The leader, Taeyeon, tried out SNSD’s latest group song “All Night”

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • They look so gorgeous… How come they are even prettier now?
  • I don’t even like SNSD but Tiffany is truly a heart robber…
  • Did they age in reverse? SNSD really be out there looking like a 4th gen girl group
  • These are all the songs I grew up with… Kpop 2nd gen is a legendary time
  • SNSD are always the queens of my heart, their visual game is just insane. 

SNSD is scheduled to make a comeback with their full 8-member lineup on August 8th, after 5 years since their final group album “Holiday Night”. Once regarded as the “queen of Kpop”, this comeback of SNSD is highly anticipated by netizens.  

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