SNSD Taeyeon boasts skin fairer than the walls, slim body with visible abs 

Taeyeon, a member of girl group SNSD, reveals her shockingly slim body and fair skin.  

On February 15th, SNSD Taeyeon posted several photos of herself exercising on Instagram. In particular, Taeyeon can be seen stretching her arms and doing a handstand in the pictures, at the same time flaunting her perfect posture. 


Despite the tough movements, Taeyeon boasts a relaxed smile as if used to the difficulty, drawing admiration. 

At the same time, Taeyeon was wearing sportswear that highlighted her tiny waist and flat stomach. Her skin, which was practically glowing, looked even fairer than the walls behind the female idol.

snsd taeyeon thumnail

In addition, whilst Taeyeon’s body is rather slim, her 11-line abs, which must have been achieved through rigorous exercises, were clearly visible. Taeyeon’s unexpected charm made fans admire once again.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon recently appeared as the second singer in Naul’s “Ballad Pop City” project and performed the song “Nights Into Days”. 

Source: Daum 

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