SM is planning on a project for a new girl group, “abandoning” aespa? 

SM’s new plan to introduce a new girl group stumbles across negative responses from fans. 

SM recently kickstarted their 2023 by announcing the important activity dates for their artists. While fans were eager about the “masterplan” at first, once it was released, mixed opinions poured in. The main problem was about SM girl groups in general and aespa in particular. 

MYs (aespa’s fans) showed their frustration with SM’s new plan

Specifically, SM planned on introducing a new girl group, a new virtual artist, a new male group and NCT Tokyo in 2023. Contrary to initial excitement, SM stans actually debated the timing of debut of the new male and female groups. They claimed that SM was “neglecting” and potentially “abandoning” aespa, a pioneer of the metaverse trend, as the girl group has been halting their activities for a long time. 

aespa has not made a comeback since July 2022 

Fans came to aespa’s defence and criticized SM’s “greedy” behavior when the company planned to debut a new girl group when the existing group has not declined in popularity. After the release of “Girls” in July 2022, aespa has been laying low in the music field and has not signalled for a comeback, which is highly detrimental when a range of fourth-generation girl groups are making waves in the industry. 

aespa only came back once in 2022 and had few achievements 

After three years of debut, aespa is maintaining their recognition and deserves the chance to release more works to their fans and the public. 

Netizens’ reactions: 

  •  I don’t understand, aespa has only debuted for nearly 3 years and is doing well, why is SM introducing another girl group? 
  • Let aespa have a comeback. 
  • What’s with the haste? Why is SM debuting a girl group while aespa is still working to establish themselves in the industry? 

Source: k14

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