SM denied the rumor of Chanyeol (EXO) living with a mysterious Ms. Kim at his residence

SM affirmed that the place which was broken in by sasaeng fan is only Chanyeol’s studio and the female is a staff member.

Today (June 21st), Korean media sources reported the news of Chanyeol (EXO)’s residence in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul was broken in by sasaeng fans early this April. This has reportedly happened when he wasn’t at home. At that time, 2 Chinese sasaeng fans, who are in their 20s, have tried to gain access into his house by constantly ringing the bell and turning the door knob.

What’s even more surprising is that there was a female called Kim alone in his residence. Kim was very scared and has recorded a video of the 2 sasaeng fans to send to Chanyeol. The EXO member immediately returned home and called the police. He said that these 2 sasaeng fans had come to his house many times and had even harrassed him at the airport. The police has interrogated them and accused them of trespassing. Netizens are extremely angry at the situation, saying that the private lives of artists are heavily invaded.

Apart from the criticism towards the 2 sasaeng fans, netizens’ attention also points to Ms. Kim who was alone inside Chanyeol’s residence at the time of the incident and they start to question the relationship between Kim and Chanyeol. Reposrtedly, Kim is not a celebrity.

SM Entertainment immediately reacts to this news:

There has been indeed a case of sasaeng fans trying to invade Chanyeol’s privacy at the studio where he works with (MG) BeatBurger. The one who was at the studio at the time of the incident was a staff member of our producing team.”

SM Entertainment also stressed that its artists are under heavy stress due to privacy invasion at the airport and their private residence.

Source: tinnhac

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