“I can’t believe I’m going back to Cannes” Lee Jung-jae’s thoughts about joining “Hunt”

“As a movie actor, I’m happy to go back to Cannes.”

Actor Lee Jung-jae expressed his feelings about entering the Cannes Film Festival in France with his first directing film. On May 5th, Artist Company released Lee Jung-jae‘s interview video on its official YouTube channel. Lee Jung-jae said, “I’m working hard on finishing the movie ‘Hunt‘,” adding, “I’m preparing for its summer release.”

Lee Jung Jae

The movie “Hunt” (directed by Lee Jung-jae) was invited to the non-competitive Midnight Screening at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. Lee Jung-jae stepped on the red carpet again with his first directed movie. Before, he went to Cannes for the first time with the movie “The Handmaid“.

Lee Jung Jae

“It was so cool. It is a film festival that I really wanted to come to,” Lee said. “I have wondered would I be able to return, but now I’m so happy to be able to return as a director.” He also predicted many photos with the lead actor Jung Woo-sung. “There will be a lot of photos that (the fans) want,” Lee said.

Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung-jae said, “I think actors Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae will also talk a lot,” adding, “I hope there will be a lot of conversations during the film festival.” Finally, he thanked the viewers, saying, “‘Hunt’ is preparing to be released this summer. I think we will get the chance to reunite soon.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-jae is currently staying abroad. He will head to Cannes from another country while Jung Woo-sung will leave for France from Korea on May 17th.


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