“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young let the woman carry her own bag after she said she could do it herself

Kim Jin Young’s behavior, which was extraordinarily charismatic on Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno 2,” is drawing attention online.

Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno 2” finally ended with episode 10 on Jan 10th. Many fans expressed their regret over the end of “Single’s Inferno 2,” and continue to talk about their favorite scenes.

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In particular, many fans choose the scene where the “Catfish” Kim Jin Young, who first appeared at the end of the 3rd episode of “Single’s Inferno 2,” arrived at the Hell Island.

This is because Kim Jin Young, a former UDT member of the Korean military’s special forces, used to appear as the Dex instructor in “Fake Man 2” in 2020 and is loved by many.

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In the midst of this, many netizens are paying keen attention to the scene where Shin Seul Ki and Kim Jin Young head out on a date to Paradise Island in episode 4.

As Shin Seul Ki was carrying a large bag, Kim Jin Young asked, “Can you carry that bag? Do you want me to take it for you? I’ll hold it.”

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But Shin Seul Ki immediately said, “Oh, no. I can hold it,” to which Kim Jin Young said firmly, “OK, then you hold it,” and walked on his way.

Netizens who saw the scene responded explosively, saying, “He is such a cool man,” “Dex is so attractive,” and “There is no rule that requires a man should carry the heavy bags.”

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Meanwhile, “Single’s Inferno 2” ended with episode 10 on Jan 10th. In the final episode, Shin Seul Gi was chosen by a total of three men: Kim Jin Young, Shin Dong Woo, and Choi Jong Woo.

Shin Seul Gi surprised viewers by choosing Choi Jong Woo, overturning viewers’ expectations that she would choose Kim Jin Young.

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