Singer Sung Si-kyung talked about the ‘historical distortion’ controversy related to the upcoming drama “Snowdrop”

Sung Si-kyung mentioned the controversy surrounding the drama “Snowdrop”.

During his Youtube live broadcast on December 1st, Sung Si-kyung said, “I recorded an OST, and I think it will be released for a drama around this week. I hope the drama and the song will be loved by many people”. He continued, “A read a comment saying, ‘As long as it’s not Snowdrop’ so I thought why couldn’t it be Snowdrop? Isn’t Snowdrop the drama which Jung Hae-in star in? Why can’t I sing for that drama? Is it because of the historical distortion controversy surrounding Snowdrop in the past?”.

He said, “Maybe you will know whether I sang an OST for Snowdrop or not. But there was a misunderstanding. I also checked if it was that kind of content. If it’s a historical distortion drama, can it be aired?” The singer added, “I enjoyed watching Hellbound, but I feel a little uncomfortable to see people believe in something and hate some people who have opposite opinions with all their might. I’m trying to pull together the small number of people.”

He said, “But a bigger problem will occur when the minority do the right thing, and the majority are wrong. Even if the majority is right, we should react like, ‘Oh, there’s an opinion like that. Let’s find out more about the truth’, not intensely criticizing others. I think it would be better to avoid negative feelings. Let’s find out if Snowdrop is about that kind of historical distortion content.”

In response, netizens criticized Sung Si-kyung‘s opinion, saying, “Not even knowing the content, I still think the setting of this drama is the problem”, “I don’t think this logic can do any help to Snowdrop”. On the other hand, many others supported the singer. They commented, “We shouldn’t criticize the drama without watching it”, “It won’t be too late to criticize them after the broadcast”, “Let’s just watch the drama before judging it”

Meanwhile, JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” was involved in a controversy over glorifying spies as the setting focuses on a prestigious college student who turns out to be a spy dispatched from North Korea.

Regarding the controversy, JTBC gave an explanation and denied the allegations of “Snowdrop” having historical distortion content.

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