Singer Se7en joins Taeyang for a surprise performance before the wedding with Lee Dae Hae 

Behind the scenes of actress Lee Da Hae and singer Se7en’s wedding were revealed. 

On May 9th, Lee Da Hae shared a video on her Instagram story with the caption, “I could not find my husband before the ceremony because he disappeared, but he was here…” The released video showed Se7en doing a “Shoong!” dance challenge with Taeyang on the day of the wedding. The singer was wearing a tuxedo and dancing the choreography of the song. Lee Da Hae learnt of this later and expressed her affection for her husband, calling him a “dancer groom”. 


Recently, Se7en and Lee Da Hae held a private wedding ceremony at the Shilla Hotel on May 6th after eight years of dating. After the wedding, Se7en said, “We finished the wedding well with such a great blessing. I sincerely thank everyone who congratulated me,” Lee Da Hae said, “I was really grateful and happy to have a wedding with the blessings of many people. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who congratulated me and to the guests who cried and laughed together at the ceremony”, said the actress.

Source: Naver 

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