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SHINee Key “Undergo surgery due to accessory navicular syndrome” → Empathize with Park Na-rae’s hardships

SHINee Key confessed that he underwent surgery because of accessory navicular syndrome.

On the September 2nd broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone“, Key visited Park Na-rae‘s house to help Park Na-rae, who was unable to move after surgery.

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Park Na-rae, who underwent surgery for anterior cruciate ligament rupture, struggled from putting on socks to washing her hair due to pain. Park Na-rae, who washed her hair alone for the first time after the surgery, confessed, “I can’t take a shower for 2 weeks after the surgery. I went to Jeonju without taking a shower. I guess it wasn’t noticeable. I didn’t talk to anyone. It’d have been a disaster if there had been flies.”

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After Park Na-rae washed her hair, Key visited her house. Park Na-rae said, “Key is my only good neighbor and he said he’d take me to the hospital. Because I can’t drive alone.” Kian84 made everyone laugh by saying, “Tell me if you get hurt in Gwacheon.”

Park Na-rae came down the stairs with her hips to welcome Key. Key complained yet even brought ingredients to cook for her.

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Key helped Park Na-rae order as well as organize the delivery boxes that Park Na-rae could not move. When Park Na-rae asked “I’m really sorry, but please bring me crutches”, Key said “I know how it feels” then granted her request.

When Park Na-rae asked “When did you hurt your leg?”, Key replied “It wasn’t an injury, but I had a birth defect, so I was operated on it. I know it hurts from here to there”, understanding Park Na-rae’s feelings.

When Rainbow Club members at the studio were surprised, Park Na-rae explained on behalf of Key, “He had surgery and was hospitalized for a month as the inside of his feet was inflamed severely due to accessory navicular syndrome.”

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