Shin Se-kyung Shares Her Tip for a Fresh Morning Look with No Puffiness: “Naps Bring a Radiant Face”

Shin Se-kyung proudly showed off her fresh visuals in the morning 

On September 27th, a video of Shin Se-kyung was posted on her agency Edam Entertainment’s YouTube channel. In the video, Shin Se-kyung was captured in the midst of filming for her current drama, “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramoon.”

While resting in the dressing room, Shin Se-kyung received a fresh-tasting jelly from the production crew. Surprised by this, she exclaimed, “The thinner the jelly, the more tangy powder sticks to it. That’s why it’s even more tangy.” 

shin se kyung

Following the crew’s recommendation, Shin Se-kyung tried orange-flavored fresh jelly and expressed satisfaction, “It’s really sour. I love this taste. It’s truly tangy.” She added, “So, when they say it’s slightly tangy, there are a lot of things that are ‘slightly tangy.’ I really wanted something extremely sour. Isn’t there powdered vitamin C? I’d sprinkle that on and eat it,” revealing her unique love for tangy flavors.

It turns out that Shin Se-kyung has always had a penchant for sour things. She revealed, “I often sprinkle vinegar or lemon juice on my food.” 

shin se kyung

A few days later, a glimpse of Shin Se-kyung heading to Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk, for drama shooting in the early morning hours was revealed. While waiting for the shoot, Shin Se-kyung commented, “It feels even hungrier when it’s really cold.”

At this point, the production crew marveled, “But it’s morning, and you don’t look puffy at all.” The embarrassed Shin Se-kyung chuckled and said, “When I was younger, it was a battle with puffiness. I didn’t like it when my eyes and face swelled up. In the evening, when I was too tired, if the puffiness disappeared, it made my face look a bit strange.” 

She then said, “So, taking a short nap whenever possible during filming helps. It makes my face look softer and more lively,” sharing her own method to get rid of puffiness.

Meanwhile, Shin Se-kyung is currently starring in the tvN weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramoon,” playing Tanya. The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 PM KST.

Source: daum

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