Shin Min-ah boasted goddess-like beauty in unedited video on Instagram

Actress Shin Min-ah uploaded a video which shows her beauty in real life, and reactions have been pouring out because of her unbelievably gorgeous visuals.

shin min-ah

Shin Min-ah posted a short video and photo on her Instagram on January 6th along with a pizza-shaped emoticon.

The released video showed Shin Min-ah greeting the staff and moving to the waiting room after finishing filming.

In the video, she bowed her head with a smile and greeted the staff, saying, “Good job everyone.” 

She also looked back after noticing the video was being filmed and made a coy face, stealing attention. In particular, she boasted her unique lovely charm in everyday life by blowing air with her cheeks.

shin min-ah
shin min-ah

She caught the eye of fans by boasting her outstanding features, fair skin, and a model-like body proportion.

In another photo, she was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt, revealing her goddess-like appearance.

shin min-ah

SNS users who saw the post showed explosive reactions, admiring her beauty.

shin min-ah

SNS users posted on comments on Shin Min-ah’s Instagram, saying, “She’s a goddess, really,” and “The video is crazy,” “So pretty,” “I can’t breathe because she’s so pretty,” “I was shocked because of her beauty,” and “How do you feel being so pretty?”

shin min-ah

Shin Min-ah is actively communicating with fans by sharing daily photos through SNS.

In addition, the actress will reportedly appear in the new drama Our Blues,” written by writer Noh Hee-kyung, together with her boyfriend, actor Kim Woo-bin.

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