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Shin Ji-min mentioned her changed opinion regarding retirement, “I’m afraid of being hurt, but I have no regrets” 

“Another Universe” Shin Ji-min mentioned her changed decision regarding her retirement.

JTBC’s entertainment program “Another Universe,” which aired on Sep 20th, featured stages of units that were formed under the theme of “2.” On this day, Yubin and Shin Ji-min teamed up to prepare for their unit stage.

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Yubin and Shin Ji-min went out for a meal together and talked. On this day, Yubin told Shin Ji-min, “I think you would have made a big decision to appear on this program. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t work in the entertainment industry again?”

Shin Ji-min responded, “I kept thinking to myself. Should I really do this or not?”

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She continued, “I wonder if I can handle this? I will be able to hear good things, but I think I will hear a lot of bad things too.” 

Shin Ji-min said, “I was also afraid of getting hurt a little,” adding, “I thought a lot about this and decided, so I don’t think I’ll regret it.” 

Yubin encouraged, “I think you did a great job in ‘Another Universe’,” and Shin Ji-min responded, “Didn’t you say that to me on the first day of recording too? Those words were very comforting,” she confessed.

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Yubin emphasized, “Rather, I can show you here that you really love music so much, so I think you did a great job appearing on this show.”

In an interview with the production team, Yubin expressed her affection for Shin Ji-min, “I said I participated in this show without a desire to win, but I want to win for Ji-min this time.”

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On this day, they covered Block B’s “Very Good” stage and showed off their charisma and vocal skills.

Although they lost 5-0 to “dongsaeng team” Momoland JooE and Billlie Moon Sua, they showed their senior side by hugging JooE and Moon Sua warmly and congratulating them.

After the stage, Shin Ji-min said, “Yubin told me to have fun, but I was only memorizing the choreography inside. I felt sorry towards her.”

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Yubin said, “I hope this stage will make Ji-min more free. I hope she doesn’t feel sorry. Receiving votes isn’t that important. All we have to do is leave a great performance.”

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