Shim Hyung Tak’s wife Hirai Saya “Jungkook admitted that we look alike. It’s like I’m having a dream”

Actor Shim Hyung Tak’s Japanese wife Hirai Saya thanked BTS Jungkook for his consideration.

On June 3rd, Hirai Saya expressed her feelings about Jungkook mentioning her, “I was so surprised, grateful and happy about what happened last time.”

She continued, “Actually, I don’t know much about Korean idols. I only like BTS, and I like Jungkook the most among them. Shim (Shim Hyung Tak) doesn’t know much about idols either. He only likes BTS and he’s a fan of Jungkook, too. It happened in the midst of this, so is this a dream?”


Hirai Saya expressed her gratitude, “Jungkook said he saw the posts about me and admitted that we look alike. It’s like I’m having a dream. Thank you.”

She confessed, “Honestly, I was surprised as I’ve never heard that I look like Jungkook until now. And I feel sorry towards BTS and Jungkook’s fans. I’m just so thankful that what happened last time was filled with Jungkook’s kindness. Thank you once again. I’ll continue to support Jungkook and BTS.”

Earlier, during a live broadcast on the fan community Weverse, Jungkook mentioned Hirai Saya, who made headlines for looking like him, and admitted, “We look alike.”

Meanwhile, Shim Hyung Tak and Hirai Saya will get married in July, overcoming the 18-year-old age difference. The two have already registered their marriage and become a legal couple.

Source: nate

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