Seo Yi-sook, “IU was different from the first shoot… I acknowledge her”

Actress Seo Yi-sook praised IU.

MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired on June 8th, was decorated as a special episode named “The Fiery Priest” featuring music director Kim Moon-jung, Seo Yi-sook, Song Ga-in and Lee Hong-ki.

On this day’s broadcast, Seo Yi-sook revealed the secret of her great acting skills, “There are things I pursue while acting. I want to communicate through eyes. If you look into each other’s eyes, that energy is very good. I was once a badminton player, and hitting a shuttlecock was also a way of acting training.”

She also revealed the story of how she was impressed by IU while appearing as goddess Mago in JTBC’s “Hotel Del Luna“. First, she explained her acting philosophy, “If I give my heart to the other person’s eyes exactly, they’ll receive my reaction. This vividness is so good.”

Seo Yi-sook

She praised IU, “There’s one person who surprised me. It was the first shoot, and the spirit was already different. It was different. I heard that this friend was good in the first scene, so I said, ‘Okay, let’s see how good she is.’ We exchanged lines, but her eyes didn’t waver, but rather gave me energy. That’s why I thought, ‘She did a good job.’ I acknowledge Ji-eun (IU’s real name).”

In addition, Seo Yi-sook revealed tips on her acting career, which continued for 34 years. Seo Yi-sook, who played the role of Court lady Park in JTBC’s “Insu, the Queen Mother”, was loved by viewers for her differentiated acting from other court ladies. Seo Yi-sook confessed, “Court lady Park is like Cabinet ministerial level. So I changed my way of speaking a little. Viewers liked it, asking, ‘Who’s that court lady?'”

In the meantime, Seo Yi-sook revealed the actors that she had hit so far as she is a professional actress with a strong character. Numerous actors were mentioned, including KBS’ “Unkind Ladies” Chae Shi-ra, MBC’s “Happy Home” Lee Sang-woo, “Happy Home” Kim So-yeon, KBS’ “First Love Again” Wang Bit-na, MBC’s “Bad Thief, Good Thief” Seohyun and especially movie star Choi Min-sik.

Seo Yi-sook

Seo Yi-sook made everyone laugh as she said, “I hit Choi Min-sik to the full. However, he made an NG. I hit enough, but Min-sik told me to hit more, so I just hit him. Actor Choi Min-sik’s reaction was better because he got hit. His eyes changed… so I just hit him.” After the shoot, the staff did not take care of the person who got hit, but they brought ice and applied a cold pack to Seo Yi-sook’s hand.

In addition, Seo Yi-sook revealed the story of meeting singer Song Ga-in in college as a teacher. Song Ga-in, who majored in traditional Korean music at Chung-Ang University, drew  viewers’ attention as she recalled her meeting with Seo Yi-sook, “She was my madangnori (traditional Korean outdoor performances) teacher. Students liked her so much that no one hated her.”

Source: Daum

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