Seo Ye-ji resumes full-scale acting activities amidst the cold reactions from the public… Will she be able to melt viewers’ frozen hearts?

Actress Seo Ye-ji, who has suspended her activities due to various controversies for one year, will appear on the screen again.

Seo Ye-jin once caused a stir as she got involved in controversies, from gaslighting scandal to school violence and forgery of academic background allegations. This controversial actress is about to break the silence of her one-year hiatus and star in tvN’s drama “Eve

Seo Ye-ji

On April 24th, a video about the production of the drama “Eve” on tvN’s official Youtube channel. The video included the filming site atmosphere, script reading, and interviews with the cast actors, including Seo Ye-ji.

Seo Ye-ji

Seo Ye-ji will take on the role of Lee Ra-el, who designs revenge in the drama. After the shocking death of her father during her childhood, she plans to take revenge and becomes the center of a 2 trillion won divorce lawsuit for an upper-class couple that belongs to the top 0.1% in Korea. 

Seo Ye-ji

In the released video, Seo Ye-ji appeared with a pale face and greeted the viewers, saying,
I’m Seo Ye-ji who plays Lee Ra-el. Nice to meet you all”. Regarding her character, Seo Ye-ji explained, “Everything in her life was taken away by people who are blinded by money. This character grows up vowing revenge in a moment of her terrible pain and anger”.

Seo Ye-ji

She added, “Ra-el begins her revenge by risking everything she has. A lot of things are eventually intertwined in the revenge. Love, betrayal, and conspiracy are interesting topics that can show how each person’s desires will end up being like”. The actress concluded the interview by saying, “I hope the audience will enjoy the drama”, encouraging the viewers to look forward to “Eve”.

Seo Ye-ji

In the script reading site video that was subsequently released, Seo Ye-ji lowered her head and read the script calmly while wearing a mask.

Seo Ye-ji was embroiled in controversy over gaslighting her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun in April last year. Afterwards, allegations of forgery of academic background, abuse of staff and school violence were raised. The actress, conscious of the scandal, stopped her activities. Last month, Seo Ye-ji‘s image plummeted as reports of her conflict with neighbors over parking matters emerged.

Seo Ye-ji, who had been remaining silent, apologized after a year. On February 27th, through her agency, she bowed her head, saying, “I had spent time looking back on myself while reading numerous stories and scolds you gave me throughout this time. In the future, I will try to act more carefully and show you a more mature appearance.”

Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye-ji chose to return at a time when various suspicions were not solved. It remains to be seen whether Seo Ye-ji will be able to change the public’s mind in a situation where cold reactions and unfavorable gazes continue.

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