Seo Hyun-jin: “My goal? Think less and talk less, worry more, think more flexibly and always have humor”

Actress Seo Hyun-jin expressed her feelings after finishing the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Why Her’

Seo Hyun-jin played the role of Oh Soo-jae, who dreamed of success with the wrong choice through “Why Her” The intense struggle to go higher and the resulting complex feelings of Oh Soo-jae were expressed through Seo Hyun-jin acting. Seo Hyun-jin, who is building a pure image, exudes a strong charm in ‘Why Oh Soo-jae’.  Oh Soo-jae’s cold yet poised eyes that came from Seo Hyun-jin’s transformation in acting were perfectly rendered.  Seo Hyun-jin’s unique pronunciation and voice are enough to express Oh Soo-jae’s complex emotions.

On top of that, her acting collaboration with Heo Jun-ho, who plays Choi Tae-guk, is said to have added tension to the drama.  There was a response that Seo Hyun-jin’s unique charm was outstanding enough not to be overwhelmed by Heo Jun-ho.  Thanks to that, Seo Hyun-jin’s acting stature was proven.  It is said that she has developed into an actress who can maximize the appeal of her character by adding her own charm to any role.

Seo Hyun-jin, who finished her work, said, “I filmed it for a long time and focused on it in many ways, so it’s a pity that it seems to have passed so quickly. Thank you for watching. I hope you had a good time and I hope you are always healthy.”

The following is Seo Hyun-jin’s Q&A:

Q. How did you feel about the end of ‘Why Her”?

It’s a work that I concentrated on filming for a long time and in many ways, so it’s rather unfortunate that the drama’s ending seems to have passed so quickly. Thank you for watching till the end.

Q. Seo Hyun-jin’s one-top product was well received. You’ve been recognized for your popularity and acting skills. Do you realize it?

I couldn’t feel it because I couldn’t go anywhere to feel it (mainly because I’m staying at home with my dog).(Laughing) However, I thought a lot of people were watching because people around me asked me a lot of places that appeared in the drama. Thank you.

Q. What is the most memorable scene or line?

It’s the ending sequence of episode 5, from the confrontation with Han Ki-taek (Jeon Jae-hong), in which Soo-jae’s past is revealed, to asking Choi Tae-kook (Huh Joon-ho) for 70 billion won. In fact, we filmed it together in one day. Although there weren’t many scenes, it was a scene where we ran out of energy after filming. I like this scene because our focus level was extremely high and it came out well.

Q. How was your chemistry with the actors you worked with?

It was an honor to be with two seniors Huh Joon-ho and Kim Chang-wan. There’s always something to learn from seniors. Their attitude towards acting, both in terms of acting and as a person. On the other hand, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more affectionate with juniors. I hope I’ll have a lot of fun with them in another work.

Q. What kind of work will “Why Her” be remembered by Seo Hyun-jin?

It’s a work where I learned a lot about the law field and got to know a little more about myself.

Q. The drama is over, but what kind of life do you think Oh Soo-jae will live in the future?

There’s a life I want her to live. I wish she could be less intense, be honest with herself and live happily.

Q. “Trustworthy actress” Seo Hyun-jin’s goal as an actor

Think less and talk less, worry more, think more flexibly and always have humor. It seems to be difficult.

Q. Please say something to the viewers who loved “Why Her”

Thank you for watching the drama. As soon as I leave the set, I think the work is viewers’, not mine. I hope you had a great time with “Why Her” and always be healthy. Thank you.

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