Kim Jong Kook surprised at Im Won Hee’s fans saying they like him more than Jo In Sung and Gong Yoo

The 1st fan meeting of actor Im Won Hee was shown on “My Little Old Boy”. 

The first fan meeting of actor Im Won Hee was revealed in the latest episode of SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”, which was broadcast on July 24th.

Im Won Hee showed his excitement by preparing a tap dance for the fans that day. After that, Kim Jong Kook, who was in charge of hosting the fan meeting, said, “Fans admit that he looked like Jo In Sung for 3 seconds. Because he’s so handsome.” Kim Jong Kook then added a witty remark that made everyone laugh, saying, “Then you can just be Jo In Sung’s fan. Why do you like someone who is 3-second Jo In Sung?”.

Fans explained that Im Won Hee had a “salty” charm. Kim Jong Kook went on to be more surprised when Im Won Hee’s fans revealed they liked to have their messages unread by Im Won Hee more than receive a wake-up call from Gong Yoo in the morning. 

Source: daum

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