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Se7en on “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”, “I started my newlywed life at Lee Da Hae’s home. I had no other choice”

Singer Se7en said he had no choice but to start his married life at Lee Da Hae’s house.

Se7en and Lee Da Hae revealed their daily lives after their wedding on the May 29th broadcast of SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny”.

The couple greeted viewers on the second morning of their marriage. The newlywed home that they are living in is not a new house but Lee Da Hae’s house, which was already introduced, raising fans’ curiosity about the reason.


Lee Da Hae shared, “We did think about finding a new home, but didn’t have the courage to do it”, adding “It was not easy to combine our two houses so we decided to enjoy the married life in our own house”. Se7en added, “I didn’t really have a choice. I did as she wanted.”

According to Lee Da Hae, Se7en has been taking care of various things in the house, from the kitchen interior to the refrigerator, kimchi refrigerator, wine cellar, and dishwasher.

Se7en went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast while Lee Da Hae was still sleeping. He explained that it was his cheat day to enjoy the foods he couldn’t eat while dieting for the wedding preparation.

Se7en grilled the meat and cut the onions with his clumsy knife skills. He also prepared the egg mixture but accidentally spilled it while focusing on cutting the green onions. While Se7en was making scrambled eggs, he spilled the egg mixture again. He burst into laughter, saying “I used up a whole tray of eggs just for making egg rolls.”


After finishing breakfast preparation, Se7en went to the bedroom and called “baby” to wake Lee Da Hae up to eat. Not feeling well after the wedding, Lee Da Hae said, “I feel like I’m going to die. Let me sleep a little longer. My body doesn’t feel like my own.” However, Se7en urged her to wake up to have breakfast, saying he had prepared noodles.

Se7en showed Lee Da Hae a table full of dishes, starting from the chicken burger she had craved while dieting to spicy ramen and egg rolls. Lee Da Hae took a bite of the chicken burger and exclaimed, “It’s really delicious! Amazing. I’m so happy.”

While enjoying breakfast, Se7en revealed that his back hurt because he worked hard to do the freeze pose on their wedding day. In response, Lee Da Hae said, “I was very impressed by the freeze that day”, adding “I did it completely wrong. I’m very upset.”

Se7en comforted his wife, saying “Actually, it was cuter when you made mistakes. It would have been strange if you danced perfectly and it was fun when you did it wrong. It was great because you tried hard despite making mistakes. Everyone loved it.

Lastly, Lee Da Hae sent a message to Se7en, saying “Our acquaintances named us ‘Haeven’ Couple, so let’s have a marriage life that is truly like heaven“. Se7en smiled and shared, “I’ll create that heaven for us. Let’s live well together.”

Source: Nate

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