Sandara Park, “My weight is 39kg, not 37kg… I’m taking good care of my body, so don’t worry”

2NE1 member Sandara Park, who is known as a representative “small eater”, solved the misunderstanding about her weight.

On January 15th, Sandara Park posted on her SNS, saying “Seems like I expressed it in a wrong way. I didn’t say I lost weight and was only 37kg. I’ve never weighed 37kg. The articles kept saying I’m 37kg so I wrote 37kg in my post. I guess I didn’t explain it well in my post”.

Sandara Park

On the previous day (January 14th), Sandara Park confessed on her SNS, saying “I never weighed 37kg, but somehow I keep coming out as 37kg these days”, adding “I weighed 38kg~39kg even when I was at the peak of my activities with 2NE1. If I feel like I’m going to lose weight, I’ll try very urgently to maintain my weight.” She continued, “I eat when I have an appetite, but I lose my appetite these days, so I’m losing weight again. At the end of the year, I ate a little and hit 40kg~41kg, but after working out and going on a diet while preparing for the stage in Thailand, I became 39kg again and I’m still maintaining it.”

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Based on Sandara Park’s SNS post, many articles misunderstood that she has reached the lowest weight record and is currently 37kg. Therefore, the female singer made an additional explanation to correct the misunderstanding.

Sandara Park emphasized, “I’m 39kg, and I’ve been maintaining my weight in between 39~41kg these days. It stays in that range even if I lose or gain weight when my body is tired!”, adding “I’m taking good care of my body, so don’t worry. I hope Blackjacks (2NE1’s fandom) always take care of your health.”

Source: Nate

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