Sandara Park is so skinny she finds economy seats spacious?

Sandara Park, a former member of girl group 2NE1, posted an update of herself using the economy seat on an airplane 

On November 23rd, Sandara Park posted several photos of herself along with the caption, “Traveling is such a strange thing. It is so fun yet tiring once you come back, but it makes you want to go on the next trip already.”

sandara park

The female idol also shared about her experience using economy class and added, “I took the economy class because the business class was full, but when I sat down, the seat was comfortable and spacious.”

In the photos released along with this, Sandara Park can be seen having boarded her plane while wearing a comfortable sweatshirt and training pants. The female idol, who is known to weigh 39kg, draws attention because she does not look cramped in economy class, perhaps because of her slender figure.

sandara park

Meanwhile, Sandara Park is loved as a representative of the entertainment industry. She is currently appearing on the web entertainment show “Sisters Who Don’t Taste Rice” (literal translation) with broadcaster Park So Hyun

Source: Nate

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