Sakura of LE SSERAFIM is “pretty much a Korean”? From her words to action

LE SSERAFIM member Sakura shows her “almost Korean” moments, as well as her knowledge of Korean-like habits. 

On February 1st, a video titled “LE SSERAFIM Sakura and IZ*ONE Choi Yena challenge to spend a traditional Korean winter” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Fearless Kkura”.

In the video, LE SSERAFIM member Sakura reunited with fellow former IZ*ONE member Choi Yena after a long time, and enjoyed the sauna together. 


On the same day, Sakura drew attention by revealing the moments where she felt like she was Korean. In particular, the female idol mentioned moments where she got on an elevator and proceeded to push the close button super fast. 

Accordingly, the production team conducted a special test for Sakura, who is Japanese. The test gave questions about what a Korean would often say in specific situations. 


First, against the prompt, “When you run into someone you haven’t seen in a while“, Sakura replied, “Did you lose weight?” and “You look so pretty, did you get a haircut?”. However, Yena said that the correct answer was “Have you been eating well?”, which is pretty similar. Regarding this, Sakura questioned “I think I’ve heard it before. So that’s just it? You just say that because you have nothing else to say?”

The 2nd question was about what a Korean would say if they see someone picking something up after dropping it. Sakura, who found the question difficult, failed to get the answer right. Then, when the production team asked what a Japanese person would do in such a case, Sakura replied, “Just….Oh, you dropped it.” The female idol also mentioned that Japanese is hard when asked about the equivalent of “aigo” (oh dear) in her native language. 


Finally, Sakura thought that a Korean would say “It’s not as spicy as Shin Ramyun” when eating spicy food, surprising everyone. As it turns out, Sakura often sees such words when ordering food, and would eat kimchi stew 4 times a week. 

Hearing this, Yena, who was deeply impressed, said, “She’s pretty much a Korean”. 

Source: Nate

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