From “revenge incarnation” Song Hye Kyo to “combat mercenary” Kim Hyun Joo…. Actresses who impress viewers with their image changes

Jeon Do Yeon, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Hyun Joo succeeded in showing new acting transformations through recent projects.

Song Hye Kyo, who is often seen in melodramas, is in the spotlight with her bold and fierce character in Netflix’s revenge series “The Glory” released on December 30th, 2022. Her unfamiliar face as Moon Dong Eun, who calmly takes revenge against those who brutally bullied her in high school, is receiving favorable responses from global viewers, helping the drama sweep various content charts. 

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According to Good Data Corporation, “The Glory” has let the popularity chart for OTT shows for 4 consecutive weeks ever since its release. Song Hye Kyo also topped the rankings of K-content casts. In particular, the drama has accumulated about 189.560 million hours, placing 3rd behind “Squid Game” (1.65 billion hours) and “My Name” (560.780 million hours). The trailer of Part 2, which was revealed on March 10th, has exceeded more than 1.35 million views after a week.

Apart from Song Hye Kyo, Kim Hyun Joo is another who has shown a drastic change in her image. Through Netflix’s SF movie “Jung_E”, which depicts a dystopian future, the actress portrayed the role of the strongest combat mercenary who ended the civil war and performed high-level actions, such as martial arts and gun shooting. In order to transform into a person who is reborn as an AI robot, the actress wore a motion capture suit and did robot acting herself.


Premiered on January 20th, “Jung_E” immediately beat all OTT contents to dominate No.1 on Kinolights chart in Korea. According to FlixPatrol, “Jung_E” also made headlines by topping Netflix’s global chart, including the U.S., the home of SF movies, for three consecutive days. U.S. media outlet Collider poured compliments on Kim Hyun Joo’s acting, saying “She didn’t miss any emotional traits and nuances of her character. She supported the core emotion of the story and increased the impact of the movie”.

Jeon Do Yeon starred in “Crash Course in Romance”, a romantic comedy again after 17 years since the 2005 drama “Lovers in Prague”. She has moved past heavy and dark characters and takes on the role of the boss of a side dish restaurant that does anything to raise her niece, who is no different from her daughter.

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The drama, which started with a rating of 4% on January 14th, is drawing an upward curve in ratings. Episode 6 on January 29th exceeded 11%. It kept the top spot in the TV drama category for 2 weeks in a row for 2 consecutive weeks. Even Jeon Do Yeon’s comfortable yet sensible fashion in the drama is drawing attention. Netizens’ posts related to Jeon Do Yeon’s jeans keep surfacing online.

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