Sakura, “4th group? LE SSERAFIM is the last team for me. The last team in my life

Sakura confidently called LE SSERAFIM her last group.

On February 3rd, Bam Bam’s Youtube channel “Bam House” uploaded a new video featuring LE SSERAFIM Sakura as a guest.

Visiting Bam Bam’s house, Sakura, who had just returned from her schedule in Thailand, touched Bam Bam by presenting him with Thai people’s favorite beer as a gift. When Sakura said it was her first time drinking in front of the camera, Bam Bam reacted, “Thank you, HYBE. It’s a great honor”. The two enjoyed the beer with the snacks that Sakura brought.

Sakura Bambam

Bam Bam prepared a cake to congratulate LE SSERAFIM’s Rookie of the Year award at the Golden Disc Awards. Sakura debuted as a member of HKT48 in 20211 then succeeded with her activities with IZ*ONE and even LE SSERAFIM.

Sakura shared, “Although in hindsight it may look like that, I think I am continuing new challenges as I have never thought that I am successful”. When Bam Bam asked, “You will continue to perform as LE SSERAFIM… There won’t be a 4th group, right?”, Sakura responded, “LE SSERAFIM is the last team for me. The last team in my lifetime”.

Sakura then confessed, “There is one serious concern that I have. I’ve been an idol for 12 years but I still can’t wink”, asking for Bam Bam’s tip. However, she was shocked when Bam Bam revealed, “I can’t wink, too”.

Sakura Bambam

Sakura and Bam Bam, who are both foreign idols, talked about the past when they couldn’t understand Korean. When asked about the difficulties she faced when living in Korea, Sakura said, “At first, I wasn’t used to doing things very fast. In Japan, I lived in the countryside, so I was used to doing things in a relaxed way”, adding “Now that I am so used to Korean life, I want things to be done very fast”.

When writing down her goals for 2023, Sakura said, “I want to go to a hot spring and spend a healing time for only one day”. Hearing that, Bam Bam reacted, “CEO Bang Si Hyuk, please let Sakura go for one day. Just one day!”. Sakura replied, “I have time but I don’t go out often”.

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