S.E.S. Eugene: “I lost contact with Shoo for 24 hours… Worrying about extreme choices”

S.E.S. Eugene shared an anecdote about not being able to contact Shoo for 24 hours.

TV Chosun’s “Star Documentary My Way”, which aired on April 10th, reported the current situation of Shoo, who stopped her activities due to social controversy over habitual gambling in 2018. S.E.S. members Eugene and Bada also appeared.

On this day, Shoo said, “It looks like I borrowed money and didn’t give it back to them, but in fact, the interest was 10% a day. It means 10 million won per 100 million won a day. It was a ridiculous interest, but I was wrong back then. I was out of my mind and those people accused me of fraud. However, I was cleared of the charges.”


Eugene expressed regret, “Fraud is an act that is intentional and causes harm to others, but it hurts to be misunderstood.” Shoo apologized, “I’m so sorry to both of you.” Then Eugene encouraged, “There is no such thing as nuisance between us.”

Bada confessed, “One day, Eugene called me and said that she couldn’t get in contact with Shoo. I was so surprised. I and Eugene thought a lot when we couldn’t contact her for 24 hours. Without you, we don’t have all our memories, and we only wait for you. Please don’t think about anything else.”


Hearing this, Shoo shed tears and apologized repeatedly, “I’m sorry. To the members because of me. I’m sorry that this happened because I made mistakes.” Bada advised, “It’s true that you made mistakes. You just have to work hard again. I want you to live happily.”

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