Rumors of a New Boy Group from YG Entertainment Spark Excitement Among Fans

Will YG soon to debut new boy group?

Rumors of a new boy group from YG Entertainment have been circulating since 2023, and the excitement continues to build. Fans eagerly waiting outside the YG Entertainment building have been spotting a mysterious group of young trainees, fueling speculation and anticipation.

yg trainee

A Chinese fan recently uploaded a video that has further intensified the buzz. The video, taken during a trip to South Korea in 2023, features a group of young teens believed to be the potential members of YG’s upcoming boy group. This sighting is just one of many, as fans have consistently spotted these young boys, leading to the widespread belief that the new group will consist of at least seven members.

yg trainee

The latest development in this ongoing saga came on June 28, 2024, when a new video began spreading online. The footage, taken from afar, shows a group of trainees exiting the YG Entertainment building accompanied by a staff member. While it’s unclear if these are the same trainees previously spotted, fans are convinced that they are witnessing the next generation of YG talents in the making.

yg trainee

Fans have made several observations and speculations based on the sightings and videos. They estimate the trainees to be in elementary or middle school, highlighting their youth and potential for long-term development. Given that BABYMONSTER, YG’s latest girl group, just made their debut, fans speculate that the new boy group’s debut might still be a few years away. However, the excitement remains palpable, as fans eagerly anticipate the future of these young talents.

Here are some of the threads and comments from fans:

  • “They feel really young. Each is taller than the next. But BAEMON just debuted, so it’ll probably be a few years later.”
  • “Feels like there’s quite a few foreigners.”
  • “They’ll debut in a few years and this video will resurface again.”
  • “F*cking handsome.”
  • “Am I getting old now too…”
  • “Elementary school kids.”
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