ILLIT Selected As Billboard’s First K-pop Rookie Of The Month

ILLIT has been chosen as Rookie of the Month by Billboard thanks to the success of their debut song “Magnetic”

On June 28th (local time), the US music media outlet Billboard mentioned ILLIT (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee and Iroha) as Rookie of The Month for June 2024 in an article titled “Why ‘Magnetic’ Group ILLIT Is Billboard’s First-Ever K-Pop Rookie of the Month”.

Highlighting “Magnetic” by ILLIT entering HOT 100 for the first time at No.91 on April 20th as the first K-pop debut song to do so, Billboard also mentioned the group’s first mini album “Super Real Me” placing No.93 upon entering Billboard 200 on May 11th.


In addition, Billboard emphasized that “Magnetic” is still charting in “Global 200” and “Global 200 (excl. US)” after the latest chart update on June 29th, saying “The group’s international appeal was further cemented”.

Praising ILLIT, Billboard said, “ILLIT’s breakthrough goes beyond mere circumstance”, adding “An addictive blend of sugary-sweet vocals, ready-to-go-viral choreography, and, well, magnetic personalities that viewers fell in love with during their show all struck a chord with a global audience, one hungry for the next K-pop breakout.”

Billboard also revealed the five members’ goals, plans, and messages to fans through an interview, focusing on ILLIT’s debut process and infinite potential for growth.


During the interview with Billboard, ILLIT members said, “It was mind-blowing how so many people loved ‘Magnetic’. I’ve never been to the US before, but I can’t wait to visit and meet our fans there! I’m forever grateful for all the love we received for our debut track ‘Magnetic’. We’re working hard to come back with better music and performances, so please stay tuned!”.

Meanwhile, ILLIT made their debut on March 25th with the first mini album “Super Real Me”. The title track “Magnetic” is a song that expresses a teenage girl’s heart when running toward her favorite person at full speed.

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