Rosé of Blackpink Reflects on the Moments Before Her Coachella Stage

Rosé of Blackpink recalled the time before she went on stage at Coachella.

On the 26th, a video titled “Why did Rosé of Blackpink shed tears before the Coachella stage?” was released on ELLE Korea’s YouTube channel.

On that day, when asked about “Rosé and Chaeng,” Rosé laughed and said, “When I’m Rosé, it’s my image as a prepared singer, but in my daily life, I feel like I have no thoughts.”

She then expressed the Blackpink members with emojis, with Jennie choosing a bear and saying, “It’s round and cute.” She continued,Jisoo unnie is really funny. She’s laughing at her own words. But it’s funny. When I see unnie enjoying herself, I laugh along. I become happy together.” She also said, Lisa used to be mischievous. Now she’s like a cat. Doesn’t she look like a cat? I am an angel within Blackpink,” she laughed. She then said, “I’m kidding. I’m a cutie.” Laughing, she added, “If I talk like this, I feel like Jisoo unnie will call me.”


When asked about her “favorite thing to hear,” Rosé replied, “When I hear someone say ‘well done,’ it gives me strength. I feel like I’m doing well, and it gives me more passion and makes me want to work harder.”

Regarding the comment that “Rosé’s personal color is like Coachella,” she laughed and said, “My stylist unnie told me that, and it was really funny. I felt grateful.” While recalling her performance at Coachella, she said, “Passion, the feeling of ‘I made it here.'” She added, “After the Coachella stage ended, I had so many emotions.”


Rosé said, “I felt happy that it ended well,” and confessed, “I cried a little before going on stage. I still don’t really know what that emotion was.” She said, “Usually, tears come after something is done. But this was before going on stage, and it overwhelmed me.” She continued, “When I looked at the members and the staff working, it was an unbelievable moment. Until now, I had to work hard, and there were so many things to do, so I couldn’t even think about it, but suddenly, everything hit me.”

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