RM (BTS) gives advice to juniors: “There is always a good and a bad side in the entertainment industry”

The leader of BTS even mentioned the responsibility of being a celebrity who has influence on young people.

In a talk with American male singer Pharrell in Rolling Stone magazine, RM – the leader of the popular K-Pop group BTS – shared a lot about music in general and the Korean entertainment industry in particular.


When it came to the K-Pop industry, RM was quite cautious.  He believes that he cannot be the representative to clarify the internal story of K-Pop. “I’m just a part of it. So I feel it’s pretty dangerous to talk about the whole system. Anyway, there’s always the good and the bad, the light and the dark in the entertainment industry,” said RM.


“I just want to tell the trainees in this industry that don’t forget you are human too, you have a job in this industry and always be yourself”, RM advised his juniors. “The truth is that what we do can affect people, can change their perspective. So to be loved, we have to love them back. I think that’s the most important thing to me,” he added. 

Also in the interview, RM and Pharrell confirmed that there will be a collaboration between the American male singer and BTS in the near future. The collaboration is a music product included in the new album of Pharrell. 

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Notably, also in the interview, the male singer born in 1973 expressed his desire to work exclusively with RM in the male idol’s upcoming solo project.  This makes the audience extremely excited and hopes there will be a second collaboration between the two stars.

Source: K14

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