“Rich but humble” Song Joong Ki surprises with his casual airport fashion after attending the GDA

Song Joong Ki’s latest appearance at the airport draws attention, especially to his outfit.

On January 9, Song Joong Ki arrived at Incheon Airport. He just returned to Korea after finishing his schedule at the 2023 Golden Disc Awards in Thailand. Song Joong Ki appeared in a casual, basic outfit and seemed quite tired after a long flight.

Song Joong Ki’s outfit upon his arrival is also the same outfit he wore when he departed for Thailand to attend the 2023 Golden Disc Awards on January 5. Netizens are surprised to see an A-lister like Song Joong Ki repeating his outfits and at the same time, praising how simple and humble he is. 

Song Joong Ki airport
On January 9, Song Joong Ki appeared at Incheon International Airport. He returned to Korea after finishing his schedule at the Golden Disc Awards in Thailand
Song Joong Ki airport
He seemed to be quite tired after the flight
Song Joong Ki airport
Netizens are surprised by Song Joong Ki’s outfit
Song Joong Ki airport
Song Joong Ki arrived and left Thailand in the same outfit, only the cap was different

Song Joong Ki is one of the highest paid actors in Korea. He was paid a whopping 200 million won per “Vincenzo” episode.

According to Koreaboo, Song Joong Ki is currently living in the Nine One Hannam area, Seoul. His luxury apartment is priced at $7.27 million. He also owns an apartment in the high-end complex Eterno Cheongdam for $11.5 million and a $20.65 million house in Hawaii.

In November 2016, Song Joong Ki bought a villa for 7.65 million USD. This real estate has doubled in price, to 13.77 – 15.3 million USD. Villa prices are expected to continue to increase. Song Joong Ki’s fortune will continue to expand as the value of the villa he rebuilt can still increase in value.

Song Joong Ki is paid 200 million won/episode for his role in “Vincenzo”
Song Joong Ki house
Song Joong Ki owns many real estate properties. Although he is rich, he dresses humbly. 

Source: k14

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