Revealing more images of Song Joong Ki at Hyun Bin’s wedding yet his expression is the focus of attention

Song Joong Ki‘s photos taken at the wedding of Hyun Bin (ex-lover of his ex-wife) and Son Ye Jin attracts the public’s attention.

Today (March 31), Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s wedding ceremony officially took place, attracting the attention of netizens. In addition to the main information related to the wedding ceremony of the two main characters, the public also focused their attention on the appearance of a star that no one thought he would attend – Song Joong Ki.

Recently, the image supposedly of Song Joong Ki at this important event has caused a stir on social media.  The handsome actor came to celebrate the wedding of Song Hye Kyo‘s ex-lover.  It is known that Song Hye Kyo dated Hyun Bin and they broke up many years before she married Song Joong Ki. It is the ambiguous relationship with Song Hye Kyo that Song Joong Ki is said to be too bold and open to attend Hyun Bin‘s wedding without fear of getting into an awkward situation.

Song Joong Ki
The picture is said to be Song Joong Ki at Hyun Bin’s wedding
Song Joong Ki
Despite the poor picture quality, netizens still recognized Song Joong Ki in the crowd

However, on closer inspection, the first image of Song Joong Ki smiling brightly is actually an old photo from 2021. It was when he attended the wedding of an acquaintance, not the new photo taken at Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s wedding.  

Song Joong Ki
This is when Song Joong Ki attended the wedding of an acquaintance.  Fans are sharing this image with misinformation on social media
Song Joong Ki
The famous actor in the crowd 
Song Joong Ki
A video captured Song Joong Ki’s car entering the wedding hall
song joong ki song hye kyo
Song Joong Ki at Hyun Bin's wedding
Song Joong Ki and Hyun Bin are both ex-lovers of Song Hye Kyo

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