Returning to Sungkyungkwan University Festival after 3 years, Psy used 300 tons of water to show the best performances

Psy is back. Performing at a university festival for the first time since the pandemic ended, Psy heated up the university campus, proving his reputation as the “festival president”.

On May 4th, Psy performed at the 2022 WSKARA Festival held at the Natural Science Campus of Sungkyunkwan University in Jangan-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do.


The students were very excited to see Psy appear on the festival stage for the first time after 3 years. Including the new track “That That”, Psy sang 9 songs, a medley of 5 songs, and an encore of 2 songs, for 100 minutes.


The festival venue went crazy. The students filled the square to the point that the crowd seemed to have no end and they all sang along to Psy’s songs. Everyone danced in excitement, hyping along with the performance like a huge wave.


Psy released a video on his Instagram together with hashtags, such as #1stFestival and  #Is this a performance or a rally, showing the hot atmosphere at the festival. Using 300 tons of water during his performances, Psy brought the best stages to Sungkyunkwan University Festival after 3 years.


Psy’s new song “That That”, which is co-produced and featured by BTS’s Suga, with its funny choreography stole the spotlight at the festival. Shortly after it was released, “That That” topped iTunes’ Top Song Chart in 73 countries, including Japan and Canada, and dominated 1st place on the U.S chart until May 1st.  In addition, “That That” music video recorded 94.22 million views as of 10 a.m on May 6th, 8 days after its release


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