Ren, “I feel lonely after leaving NU’EST and standing alone as a solo artist, but I have no regrets”

NU’EST’s Ren talked about his decision to leave the group and begin his solo career.

This year marked an important “turning point” in the career of singer-actor Ren. He just wrapped up the 10-year journey as a NU’EST member and began to stand alone. 10 years after his debut, has made his first steps as a solo artist, not a member of an idol group. Leaving a stable team was not an easy decision, but he made a bold choice for a new challenge. 

Ren is working hard after finding a new company. After gaining recognition as a musical actor after starring in musicals “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, Ren continued to greet the audience through “Bungee Jumping of Their Own” even after starting his solo career. From September 16th, he will stand on the theater stage again for “The Three Musketeers”. In the meantime, Ren recently appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Listen Up” and “Music Bank”, showing a different image as a solo artist. 

Referring to fans as his driving force, Ren calmly attributed his achievements to “Minracle (Ren’s fandom name)”, pointing out that he could not carry out activities without fans. The male singer also expressed his desire to work in various fields, including singing, acting and entertainment programs, in the future. In addition, he expressed extraordinary determination to become a unique artist who can have a good influence on the public.

An interview with Ren was recently conducted at the office of his agency Big Planet Made. 

1. You left the group earlier this year and began to stand alone. Leaving the team that you had spent 10 years together with must have been a very difficult decision.

▶ I had stayed with the members for 12 years ever since we were trainees. I actually spent more time with them than with my family. There were many good points about staying as a team, but various circumstances also happened. I believe that we had kept the team for long enough and that’s why I decided to stand alone. In fact, I know that our fans were very disappointed because it hadn’t been long since we made our group’s name known widely. I feel very sorry thinking about that. However, each member has things they want to do, so we decided to respect each other. I have no regrets about my decision.

2. Did you discuss a lot with the members during the process?

▶ We talked a lot about work. I think we discussed whether we would get through it well after standing alone and encouraged each other on our future direction. I really hope things go well for everyone. Although we are walking on our own path, I hope we can get together again when there is a chance.

3. How do you feel about doing promotions alone? Is it similar to your expectations?

▶ It’s lonelier than I imagined. When I was working in a team, I had fun and shared every small thing with the members wherever we went, but now I feel something different since the only people I can talk to are the staff. When I was with the members on the stage, we were motivated by the appearance of each other and received the energy of our team. When I did it alone, I could feel the empty space they left. However, there are also some advantages. When I was working as a team, I was afraid of making myself stand out too much because there was a promise among us. It was hard to change the choreography and position, but now that I’m on the stage alone, I feel free to express myself as much as I want.

Source: daum

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