Red Velvet’s Yeri is complimented to be a “woke idol” after she criticized the “Ukraine Invasion”

Red Velvet’s Yeri voiced out about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Yeri shared a photo on her SNS on Feb 27th. The photo contained a camera that said “No War Please.” The phrase was written on a relay camera by Russian tennis player Andrei Rublyov after confirming his advance to the finals on the men’s ATP Tour. The phrase is about condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Red Velvet Yeri Ukraine Invasion

Yeri is the first Korean idol singer to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. Many on the online communities are praising Yeri’s move. Netizens responded to Yeri by saying, “Woke idol,” “Such a good influence,” and “Yeri gave her influence to a good deed.”

Red Velvet Yeri Ukraine Invasion

Some raised concerns about Yeri’s political remarks. One fan said, “I am worried that she will be attacked by Russian fans with malicious comments,” adding, “But I do hope the war will end as soon as possible.”


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