Red Velvet’s Stylist Under Fire as Joy Had to Wear Too-short Dress on Stage

Fans said it was not the first time Joy had to wear short dresses

Red Velvet, alongside SHINee’s Key, took the stage at the Lazada Festival Concert on December 13, captivating fans with their energetic performance.

The spotlight, however, turned to Joy of Red Velvet as she encountered a wardrobe malfunction during the concert. The group graced the stage in matching ballerina-core outfits, exuding style and charm. Joy, in particular, looked radiant in pink as she greeted the enthusiastic audience.

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As the performance kicked off, it became evident that Joy’s dress was too short to perform dynamic dance choreography. Throughout the show, the singer struggled to keep her dress from riding up, inadvertently revealing her safety shorts. Despite her multiple attempts to adjust the outfit, it continued to pose challenges, drawing attention from fans.

Joy later took to her Instagram account, sharing stunning photos from the event that strategically omitted the lower part of her outfit. This move sparked criticism from fans who expressed concern over the stylist’s choice of a seemingly impractical and short outfit for a performance.

In response to the wardrobe mishap, fans voiced their desire for their idols to don both stylish and comfortable attire, particularly when gracing the stage. The incident with Joy’s dress has reignited discussions about the importance of balancing aesthetics with practicality in the world of K-pop fashion.

As the incident makes waves on social media, fans hope that future performances will see their favorite idols in outfits that not only showcase their beauty but also prioritize their comfort and confidence on stage.

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