Red Velvet Yeri, who won No.1 on a music show 9 days after her debut, impresses netizens with her mature and unique fashion sense

Red Velvet’s maknae Yeri drew keen attention with her extraordinary style. 

On November 7th, JOY GRYSON released a new photoshoot that reveals various charms of Red Velvet Yeri.

Joy Gryson yeri red velvet

The photoshoot was done with Magazine Days in Paris, France. In the photos, Yeri perfectly pulled off different fashions and caught the eyes of fans with her sophisticated beauty. 

Joy Gryson yeri red velvet

In particular, Yeri drew admiration for the cut taken on the grass as she boasted both lovely and chic vibes at the same time. The female idol matched a pink argyle-patterned cardigan with a pink miniskirt and a brown mini-bag. In another image, Yeri overwhelmed viewers with her all-black style when combining a black leather jacket with a black mini-bag.

Kpop idols hanging out

In response to Yeri’s new photoshoot, Internet users reacted, “Yeri is the prettiest”, “Aren’t you too beautiful?”, “Paris became brighter thanks to Yerim”, “Pretty girl Yeri”, etc.

Meanwhile, Yeri made her debut in 2015 by joining Red Velvet’s promotion for their first mini album “Ice Cream Cake”. “Ice Cream Cake” is an album that contributed greatly to increasing public recognition for Red Velvet, which was a rookie girl group at that time. With this album, Red Velvet also achieved their first No.1.

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

Thanks to “Ice Cream Cake”, Yeri became a “miracle girl” who held a music show No.1 trophy 9 days after her debut, which was the shortest record. After winning 1st place on KBS2’s “Music Bank” for the first time since their debut, Red Velvet continued to dominate No.1 on other weekly music shows, such as SBS’s “Inkigayo”, SBS MTV’s “The Show”, MBC Music’s “Show Champion”, Mnet’s “M Countdown”, and MBC’s “Show! Music Core”.

red velvet genie music award 2022

Expressing her feelings at that time, Yeri said, “This is thanks to my sisters who have done so well. No matter how many times we win No.1, it doesn’t feel real to me. I don’t know how to describe it”. 

Yeri is the youngest member, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of Red Velvet. She joined SM Entertainment through a global audition held in Seoul in 2011. 

Red velvet Yeri

Yeri’s part in “Ice Cream Cake”, which was released as soon as she joined the group, was quite short, but as her lines in the next albums increased, Yeri was able to prove her singing and rapping skills.

Yeri recently celebrated her 7th debut anniversary and is still showing off her vocal and rap, which are improving day by day.

Red velvet Yeri

Meanwhile, Red Velvet will release a new mini album called “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday” both online and offline on November 28th. This is Red Velvet’s second comeback in 2022. Their previous album, which was published in March, ranked No.1 on various digital and physical charts in Korea and topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 41 countries and regions worldwide. 

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