Red Velvet Irene to appear on reality show with staff… Can she cover up her controversy 2 years ago?

Red Velvet Irene will appear on a reality show where she goes on vacation with her close staff after 2 years of controversy over power abuse.

On July 25th, seezn’s original program “Irene’s Work & Holiday” (produced by SM C&C STUDIO, directed by Jin Seon-mi) announced the production of a reality show featuring Red Velvet Irene. The program’s official poster was also released today (July 28th).

Red Velvet irene

“Irene’s Work & Holiday” is the first solo reality show that features Bae Joo-hyun, a “noisy” person who went on vacation with “real” friends who have been with her since the beginning of her debut. The comfortable and unaffected appearance of Irene, who went on vacation with the “real friends” staff that have shared all schedules and daily life with her since her debut, will be revealed.

The news began to draw attention among netizens. This is because Irene was at the center of controversy over power abuse in 2020 due to the revelation of editor-stylist A. At that time, SM Entertainment and Irene bowed their heads. In particular, Irene apologized again in January of the following year, “I wanted to say that I’m sorry for causing so much pain and worry to many people because of my imperfections. I realized the weight of words and actions, and I’ll try to become a more mature person.”


About 2 years after controversy, Irene revealed her daily life through a reality show where she goes on a trip with close staff. Due to the nature of the program, she is expected to show that she takes good care of her close staff.

Irene has already returned as a Red Velvet member and is actively promoting. As such, there is a response that her appearance on reality shows will play a big role in reforming the image of power abuse that she had 2 years ago. Attention is focused on whether Irene will be able to cover up her past controversy and leave a positive image through her daily life with the staff.


Meanwhile, “Irene’s Work & Holiday” will be released through seezn every Thursday and Friday at 6 PM from August 4th.

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