From SHINee to New Jeans, Min Hee-jin is surrounded by the controversy over her pedophilia concept

Amid controversy over the sexualized concept of girl group New Jeans planned by ADOR founder and CEO Min Hee-jin, the concept of her past idols, which were criticized for “pedophilia,” is being re-examined.

Recently, it has been pointed out on some online communities that art director Min Hee-jin prefers works that metaphorize “pedophilia.”

red velvet seulgi

The reason is none other than the photos that Min Hee-jin posted on her personal SNS. Her room (studio), which she recently released on SNS, included photos of a blonde girl with her top off and a girl exposing her underwear by lifting her dress.

In particular, the girl is a character who starred in the 1974 film “le farò da padre,” in which a middle-aged male lawyer tries to get money by kidnapping a mentally retarded minor girl, who is the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. After that, the lawyer falls in love with the girl (and even had a sexual relationship with her), and eventually gives up the money.

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As such a shocking prop is placed in Min Hee-jin’s room, netizens are re-examining the controversy over her tendency of “pedophilia” relating to idols she has been directing.

Earlier in 2009, the group SHINee made a comeback with their second mini-album “ROMEO,” which emphasized their “boyish beauty” by using props such as suspenders and other young-looking clothes, toy cars, and dolls.

shinee sherlock

However, in the jacket photos, some pointed out that “it looks like she was aiming for something other than just boyish beauty” after seeing the photos of member Key spraying a water gun on his face and member Minho lying down with a drowsy expression.

shinee taemin

In addition, in the concept photo of the fourth album “Sherlock,” which was released in 2012, Minho’s photo of him being shirtless while staring at the camera with a water bottle in his mouth was controversial, and in Red Velvet‘s “Russian Roulette,” which was released in 2016, the members all wore dolphin pants and posed quite passively as if to remind the audience of the character “Bulma”.

Recently, in the music video “Attention” by NewJeans, the youngest Hye-in (aged 15 this year) and Hani (19) wore overly revealing costumes, which became controversial.

newjeans thumbnail

There is no detail prominent enough to be suspected of pedophilia or glorifying “Lolita,” but the excessive revealing fashion of minor idols and the taste of art director Min Hee-jin are being criticized, which still show no sign of cooling down.

Source: nate

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