“Reborn Rich” Kim Shin Rok “I enjoy the advantages of marrying Park Kyung Chan, who is also an actor”

Actress Kim Shin Rok talked about the pros and cons of marrying an actor.

Kim Shin Rok played Jin Hwa Young, the third child and only daughter of the Soonyang family, in JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich” (written by Kim Tae Hee, Jang Eun Jae/directed by Jung Dae Yoon/produced by SLL, RaemongRaein, Reborn Rich SPC).

Kim Shin-rok

She increased viewers’ immersion level with her impressive character Jin Hwa Young and her goosebumps-inducing passionate acting. Although she was active as various characters in many works, in “Reborn Rich”, she lived up to the name of “Kim Shin Rok” by portraying Jin Hwa Young in Kim Shin Rok’s unique way from visual to acting.

Kim Shin Rok married actor Park Kyung Chan in 2016. Kim Shin Rok said, “We always read scripts together. For me, he’s an important person in terms of both acting and life. We talk about acting while monitoring broadcasts together. There are pros and cons when you meet a spouse of the same profession. I enjoy the advantages of marrying an actor.

Kim Shin-rok

Kim Shin Rok then explained, “One of the advantages is that our conversations are practical and professional. My husband is an acting partner with whom I can discuss my works deeply.

When asked if she has aegyo (cute actions) at home like Jin Hwa Young, Kim Shin Rok smilingly replied, “I think everyone has their own aegyo. Just like Jin Hwa Young’s aegyo, I also have aegyo that is not agreed at all at home.

Source: Daum

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