“Reborn Rich” Heo Jung Do “When I work, I hear rumors about certain actors, but Song Joong Ki…”

An actor who worked with Song Joong Ki shared behind stories.

On Jan 23rd, OSEN reported the interview with actor Heo Jung Do.

Heo Jung Do played the role of Kim Ju Ryeon in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich“.

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This drama was so popular that it beat “SKY Castle” to become the second highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. The rating for the last episode was 26.9%.

Heo Jung Do said, “When I read the script, it was so much fun, and I was curious about the next script. And when I heard about the casting of Lee Sung Min and Song Joong Ki, I thought it would work. I thought it would record at least 15%.

In particular, Heo Jung Do explained in detail about working with Song Joong Ki.

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Regarding Song Joong Ki, Heo Jung Do said, “He was very neat. There was no unnecessary acting, and his manners were also neat.

He added, “When I work, I hear rumors about certain actors, but Song Joong Ki was very neat without that. There was nothing unreasonable about him, and I remember having fun filming with him.

Song Joong Ki is 39 years old this year. He admitted his romantic relationship with his British girlfriend shortly after successfully completing “Reborn Rich”.

Source: Wikitree

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