Reasons why BLACKPINK is embroiled in disbandment rumors ahead of contract renewal 

There are rumors among fans that not all BLACKPINK members will renew their contracts. 

BLACKPINK recently made a comeback after a hiatus from group activities that lasted almost 2 years and once again shook the world with their unrivaled visuals and skills.

According to YG Entertainment on September 17th, BLACKPINK’s latest title track “Shut Down” from the 2nd full album “BORN PINK”, released at 1 pm KST on the previous day, topped the iTunes song charts in a total of 43 countries.

“BORN PINK” topped the iTunes album chart in 54 countries, including the US and UK, and ranked No. 1 on the Apple Music album chart in 60 countries.

In addition, “Shut Down” occupied 1st place on QQ Music, China’s largest music platform. BLACKPINK’s new songs are also at the top of Line Music in Japan.

The LA Times praised the YG girl group for setting an all-time record as soon as they returned to the music scene, saying, “BLACKPINK has created a new wave once again.”

Although BLACKPINK has been on a success streak since their debut, recently, among some fans, the rumor of disbandment has sparked. This is because BLACKPINK, who debuted in 2016, is about to renew their contract with YG Entertainment in 2023. 

Some fans worry BLACKPINK might not be able to break the “7-year curse” of K-pop groups. These fans argue that BLACKPINK’s YG senior girl group 2NE1, which received a lot of love both domestically and internationally, suddenly disbanded at the peak of their popularity.

In addition, in the MV for “Shut Down”, plenty of scenes pay homage to previous hit songs of BLACKPINK such as “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, “WHISTLE”, and “BOOMBAYAH”.

For example, the garbage bag surrounding Lisa in the music video for “BOOMBAYAH” was replaced with a luggage bag full of money in “Shut Down”.

Jisoo held a black umbrella in the rain in the “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV and in “Shut Down” MV, she held a pink umbrella struck by lightning. 

In other words, through “Shut Down” MV, viewers are able to look back at BLACKPINK’s past journey. Some fans said that they felt as if BLACKPINK was wrapping up all their activities because the compilation of previous songs gives off the vibes of a “disbandment MV”. 

In addition, some are speculating that member Jennie, who has been constantly caught up in dating rumors with BTS’s V, would be a variable during contract renewal. 

However, most BLACKPINK fans believe there seems to be no reason for the group to disband as YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK are currently in a mutually “win-win” situation.

While there are constant rumors regarding BLACKPINK’s disbandment, attention is focused on whether BLACKPINK will be able to be reborn as a long-lived idol like Girls’ Generation and continue their activities for a long time after contract renewal. 

Source: insight

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