Reasons behind for the “NewJeans hype”  

NewJeans is making their mark with individual talent, synchronous group performance and catchy songs.

NewJeans stood out among the generation 4  Kpop group.

Joining the music scene since early August 2022, NewJeans is well-received among the public and becomes the talk of the town on forums and social networks during their time of promotion. NewJeans is applauded for their all-roundedness, having both talent and beauty. Some even call them a “monster rookie” and a representative of the new generation of Kpop. 

Outstanding individuals

NewJeans is under Ador and HYBE Labels (management company to BTS). Each member has a powerful profile. For example, Kim Min Ji was rumored to have refused the invitation from SM Entertainment. An anonymous post also disclosed that producer for SM Entertainment Lee So Man himself recruited Min Ji and discussed with her parents but the answer was still a No. 

newjeans minji
Min Ji has a striking beauty 

Much as the source has yet to be verified, the name Kim Min Ji quickly attracts major attention thanks to her flawless and innocent beauty that radiates purity and youthful energy. A range of articles on her appearances quickly climb onto the top of the discussed topics on the internet communities.

 In the reputation rankings of the members of Kpop girl group of August 2022, Min Ji landed on third place and the first among NewJeans members. Another member who also appears on the list at 8th place was Hanni. Most noticeably, Hanni and Min Ji were both in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” MV. 

Kpop idol beauty Hanni with a Vietnamese origin has a large international fan base 

Hanni (full name Hanni Pham, Pham Ngoc Han) not only draws attention for being the first idol with Vietnamese origin in HYBE Labels, she also steals the spotlight with her slender figure and distinctively Asian features. The idol was born in Australia and has close ties to her roots. The idol is also fluent in 3 languages: English, Vietnamese and Korean. Her language proficiency also makes it easier for the group to communicate with fans around the world. This also exponentially increases Hanni’s fan base as well. 

Five members with their stunning beauty

Uniform group formation, from beauty to talent 

NewsJeans has five members including Min Ji, Hanni, Danielle, Hae Rin and Hye In. All five own a naturally glowing and stunning beauty. Their slender figure and confident attitude allow them to take on various concepts, from cute to sexy and even sporty and energetic concepts. 

The group brings energy to their stage 

On stage, each member exudes unique personalities but still works together to be an eye-pleasing group performance. They are also praised for their captivating choreography execution and stable vocal performances. Their live stages are polished with little to no errors despite they have only debuted for one month. 

Catchy music 

NewJeans’ hits, namely “Attention”, “Hybe Boy” and “Cookie”, receive positive feedback for their catchy and upbeat melodies. Some members such as Hanni and Danielle are also credited for their own songs. 

NewJeans is expected to win “Rookie of the Year” Award at the end of this year. 

The three songs had some impressive achievements in Korean music charts, with “Attention” staying at the top of MelOn, surpassing some big competitions. This track brought home for NewJeans four cups from weekly music stages, such as “Kpop Mnet M!Countdown”, “KBS Music Bank”, “MBC Music Core” and “SBS Inkigayo”. A rare set of achievements for a rookie group in recent years. 

NewJeans is a major contender for this year’s “Rookie of the Year” 
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