Real-life “The Glory” Son Myeong Oh? Famous singer faces assault and violence accusations

Accusations of school violence, assault, and dating violence, are being made against a famous male singer, drawing attention.

On March 30th, MBC’s current affairs program “True Story Expedition” focused on Hwang Young Woong, who is embroiled in controversies regarding school violence, assault, and dating violence. In the broadcast, Hwang Young Woong’s classmates and acquaintances appeared and made various claims related to him.

hwang young woong

Classmate A compared Hwang Young Woong to the character Son Myeong Oh in “The Glory” The reason for this comparison is that Hwang “mainly harassed friends who were small, weak, lacking, and poor.”

A claimed that Hwang Young Woong, who was 183cm tall during his school days, had a good physique and “taught friends about sexual acts, shouted loudly while watching things involving women, and forced them to perform those acts.”

Hwang Young Woong’s ex-girlfriend also claimed to have suffered abuse from him. She, who was a minor at the time, said, “I was hit by Hwang Young Woong at bus stops and on the streets. He kicked me in the stomach so hard that I flew and even choked me.

She also added that “when Hwang Young Woong drinks, he cannot control himself.”

hwang young woong

It was also said that Hwang Young Woong assaulted a friend while drunk, leaving a record of injury. According to this friend, he was drinking with Hwang Young Woong, and suddenly a fist came flying. 

“I fell after being hit in the face, and he kicked me in the face again”, the friend said, adding, “He thinks he’s higher than the rest of us since he moved to Seoul. He must have his way, and had a lot of aggressive behavior and coercion.”

Several other classmates also claimed to have been extorted by Hwang Young Woong.

The production crew tried to contact Hwang Young Woong but could not reach him. Regarding this, the “True Story Expedition” team pointed out, “Hwang Young Woong expressed his position that some of the allegations are not true when he dropped off ‘Fire Trot’. If there are any unfair parts, we hope he clarifies his position and apologizes to the victims.”

Source: Nate

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