Ravi’s case is just the beginning? Involvement of an actor in his 20s? Suspicions of military service corruption spread in showbiz

In the aftermath of Ravi’s controversy, the military service corruption issue seems to be spreading throughout the entertainment industry.

On January 12th, netizens were shocked when Ravi was called out as the idol rapper who received military service exemption by faking documents through a group of brokers recently arrested on charges of military service evasion. Ravi has been booked for a joint investigation on charges of violating the Military Service Act. The prosecution has planned to summon Ravi for questioning soon.

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According to the position of Ravi’s agency, the singer neither denied nor admitted to the allegation. It is known that documents related to Ravi’s military service evasion were found in the brokers’ mobile phone forensics process. Evidence of the circumstances in which Ravi requested military service counseling and received advice from the brokers was also secured. 

What’s more shocking is that the prosecution’s investigation report includes an actor in his 20s apart from Ravi. The exact identity of the actor was not disclosed. However, the list of the brokers’ customers is known to have about 70 to as many as 100 people, raising the possibility that there are more celebrities who have paid these brokers to fake documents to lower military service physical grade.


The military service corruption among male stars continues in the entertainment industry like a nightmare. There was a military service corruption case involving a large number of celebrities and sportsmen in 2004 and another military service exemption scandal in 2007.

The incident this time is also serious. More than 70 people, including children of high-ranking officials and judicial officers, sportsmen, and celebrities were included in the investigation. Before Ravi, Cho Jae Sung, a member of OK Financial Group’s professional volleyball team, was summoned by the prosecution for his involvement in this military service scandal. Although no specific details were revealed, an actor in his 20s was mentioned in reports. The joint investigation is expected to expand to the whole entertainment industry to thoroughly deal with military service corruption.


Ravi’s military service evasion has begun to affect the entertainment industry. Although Ravi has not been active with his group VIXX for a long time, VIXX members had to cancel their fansigning schedule just a day before the event. Although they did not mention the reason, this urgent cancellation of a meeting with fans is believed to be the aftermath of Ravi’s incident.

Source: Daum

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