VIVIZ Eunha shed tears, “We started from the practice room underground, I’m so proud that our dreams have all come true”

Before the final stage of “Queendom 2”, VIVIZ Eunha teared up as she recalled her past trainee days.

Mnet’s “Queendom 2” final broadcast, which aired on Jun 2nd, will decide who is the final winner through the final competition. The final winner will be determined after adding a total of 40,000 points from three preliminary rounds and 60,000 points from the final round.

Queendom 2

VIVIZ will be the 4th team to step onto the final stage. The three members visited their favorite steamed monkfish restaurant, which they frequented when they were still trainees, ahead of the final stage.

queendom 2

Eunha recalled, “Do you remember how we dreamed our dream in the practice room where there were all kinds of bugs and water leaked? We said we wanted to debut, win first place, have a concert, and win an award at the awards ceremony,” adding, “We had so many dreams, but we have achieved them all.”

Queendom 2

Eunha said, “I think it’s such a happy thing that all three of us debuted as singers. We’re so proud of ourselves,” she said in tears. SinB tried to cherish the image by capturing it on her phone.

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