“Queendom 2”: Brave Girls did their best but came in last, the winner of 1st round is Hyolyn

The results of the first round of “Queendom 2” have been released.

In the second episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2,” which aired on April 7th, the results of the first competition round were announced.

With Viviz and Hyolyn showing overwhelming performances in the last broadcast, “Queendom 2”’s youngest rookie group Kep1er are the 3rd one to step on stage.

queendom 2

Kep1er debuted in 2022, so this was their first offline performance in front of the audience. Kep1er members said, “It was a shame that the performance quality was different from what we imagined when we rehearsed. We’ll show you a lot more energy on stage.”

Kep1er decided to look at the reaction regarding Kep1er’s appearance on “Queendom 2” by looking at blog posts. However, in the blog posts, there was a part that said, “I’m suspecting that Kep1ler joins this show thanks to their connections,” and the members who were reading it became more and more expressive. Mashiro said, “I actually expected there would be talks about our casting.” The actual production team also had a lot of concerns when casting Kepler.

Kepler decided to perform “WADADA,” which is well-known through various challenge videos. The members said “If we can’t prove our ability in the first competition, they will say we’re Mnet’s daughters,” adding, “I want to show them that we’re a group that appears in the show through our strength.”

However, Kep1er repeated their mistakes until the rehearsal, despite their strong ambition. Even on the rehearsal stage, Kep1er members kept making mistakes, including microphones, props, and formations. However, Kep1er still filled the stage with their overwhelming energy unlike during rehearsals, raising expectations.

It was Brave Girls’ turn to take the fourth stage. They were upset as they didn’t receive any vote in the first episode. Yuna admitted, “I think it’s because we didn’t show too much. We are remembered only as the singer of Rollin’ after climbing up the charts.”

The theme of the first round was the competition for representative songs. The members wanted to choose another song instead of the obvious “Rollin’”, but they were worried that they were not as well known as “Rollin’”. Min-young said, “I think we should do ‘Rollin’’, but I want to show a different side of us this time.”

Yuna said, “I want to break their prejudice.” Min-young suggested, “This time, let’s focus on performance rather than vocals and show a different side of us.”

They decided to reinterpret the power versions of “Chimatbaram” and “Rollin’”. In particular, aside from the well invested performance, other groups were amazed by Min-young’s refreshing vocal. They were surprised, saying, “Brave Girls really did their everything.”

WJSN’s Subin admired, “The intro was the coolest out of all the performances I saw today.” Hyolyn also admitted, “They are showing a lot of willingness through Queendom.”

On this day, WJSN are the last performance. They were worried because they did not have songs that were known to the public compared to their recognition. Seol-ah also said, “We are not a really well-known idol who won first place for weeks in a row or has a representative song. It’s frustrating because we are still half-way. I want to break it down.”

WJSN decided to do their chart-climbing song ‘As You Wish‘. However, a week before the stage, WJSN Eun-seo was diagnosed with COVID-19.

The members said, “Eunseo’s participation is too big for us to do without Eunseo,” and decided to still include her in the performance despite the short practice time.

The members were worried ahead of the first round. Dayoung said, “We haven’t had many chances to show ourselves. I don’t want to miss it.” She also expressed her ambition, saying, “I want to prove that our six years of activities were not in vain.”

queendom 2

Exy also said, “I think we should think this is our last chance,” adding, “I have a lot of worries and burdens even if the members don’t tell me.”

WJSN also impressed the audience with a spectacular performance, but an accident occurred when the sand clock broke during the stage, causing the floor to be slippy. The members were upset and sobbed because they couldn’t do the choreography because of the missing sand clock, and slipped during the performance. Even leader Exy, who comforted the members, ended up shedding tears.

All five groups’ stages were over, and the on-site evaluation was held. The audience could only vote for their two favorite teams on the stage.

The groups’ self-evaluation results were also released. Each group had to choose a group that was “one rank below” and “one rank above” them. The first round’s rankings would be based on the combined scores of on-site evaluators, global evaluators, and Queendom’s group evaluations.

“Every team is strong and has its own character,” said Yoo Jung of Brave Girls. “I think this is why the cue sheet order is important,” she said.

queendom 2

VIVIZ chose WJSN as the team that was one rank below. VIVIZ’s Umji said, “Their clothes’ concept and use of objects were similar (with their original performance). Didn’t we do better compared to WJSN?”

WJSN then selected Kep1er as a team one rank below. WJSN Yeoreum said, “I actually promoted (at the same time) with them before. I was really looking forward to it, but I thought it was like a very special music program performance,” she said, expressing disappointment.

Hyolyn shocked people by picking VIVIZ as one rank below. Hyolyn evaluated, “It was a pity that nothing remained impactful as the two songs (running through time + night) were mixed.”

Kep1er, the youngest group, then selected Hyolyn as the best performer, and VIVIZ as the group below. After the youngest group picked VIVIZ, there was only silence at the scene, and Kep1er bowed, saying, “We’re sorry.”

queendom 2

Kep1er said, “When I saw the first one (VIVIZ’s performance), I thought they were so good, but I think I chose them because Hyolyn’s performance was so cool.” VIVIZ members’ expressions became cold.

Brave Girls did not receive any one-rank-below vote from any team, which was an opposite from their audience voting result. Brave Girls did not pick a top team but picked VIVIZ as one rank below.

VIVIZ was shocked to receive three consecutive one-rank-below votes. Umji and Eunha were restless, and SinB couldn’t hide her stiff expression.

Yoo-jung said, “I think I was fascinated the teams with so many different characters continued to perform after the first performance. The biggest reason was that I naturally forgot the previous stage,” he said. “I feel really bad,” said VIVIZ’s SinB. “Us? Why? I think we are being slandered,” she complained.

The ranking of votes by global fans was also released immediately. Hyolyn was ranked first in the global vote, WJSN second, VIVIZ third, Kep1er fourth, and Brave Girls fifth.

queendom 2

Brave Girls’ Yoo-jung calmly said, “We made here thanks to our reverse success with “Rollin'” last year, so we had little expectations.” Min-young said, “The reason why we came here is to increase our global popularity. We will improve gradually,” she said.

Hyolyn topped the global voting list following the groups’ own evaluation.

The final ranking of the first round, which included the on-site voting scores, was then released, and Hyolyn won as well. She was ranked No. 1 in global, on-site and in-house voting.

WJSN ranked second in the final ranking of the first round. VIVIZ was third, and Kep1er was fourth. Brave Girls came in last place. Brave Girls members said, “The response (to our performance) was good, but the results were so bad. I didn’t expect to be in fifth place,” she said. Min-young said, “If this result continues, I and the members will lose confidence. Then I think it will be over.”

The theme of the second competition was then announced. The 2nd contest is the “Cover Song Competition”. It is a competition in which the group must perform other artists’ songs in their own colors. The groups picked the team they wanted to cover according to the ranking of the first round. Hyolyn surprised everyone by choosing LOONA. Most groups wanted to pick LOONA’s songs to cover. Meanwhile, WJSN picked VIVIZ as their cover artist.

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