Psy’s first boy group TNX, “We will open the new era of K-pop”

TNX – the first boy group created by singer Psy revealed their fierce debut process.

On the evening of May 12th, the last episode of TNX’s first reality show “The New Six” was broadcast on Naver NOW. The broadcast contained the end of TNX’s debut preparation. First of all, the scene of the members recording the title song “Move” of their first mini-album “WAY UP” was shown. Since this is the first time the singing voice of six members were revealed, their seriousness left a great impression on the viewers.


Under the careful direction of producers, as well as vocal and rap trainers, TNX faithfully finished their part in their own position, depicting the growth story of six members with six different colors. Next, TNX was shown practicing enthusiastically before filming their music video. Describing their first music video as “a song to see with eyes, not to listen with ears”, and “the way to feel a new charm of TNX”, the members continued to practice with extraordinary passion.

In the middle of their busy debut preparation, the members went on a trip together. Six members, who took the hot air balloon together at the sudden suggestion of maknae Oh Sung-jun, enjoyed their leisure time with the appearance of youth.


TNX also shared talks about special moments and memories that came to their mind and thanked each other for being together from their first day. The members confessed their sincerity toward each other, saying, “Let’s go up together like the hot-air balloon”, “Even if it takes time, let’s not give up till the end”, “Don’t lose our motivation of the early days. Let’s be together forever”, etc.

Lastly, the members expressed their strong determination to prove their presence in K-pop’s 4th generation, saying, “We will open the new era of K-pop”, adding, “TNX will rise like an inextinguishable flame”.


The reality show “The New Six”, which depicts the fierce debut process of TNX, shows the diverse charms of six TNX members ahead of their debut, attracting people to join their fandom. TNX, the boy group that has shown their sincere and friendly charms as artists and well-prepared idols through the final episode, is scheduled to debut with their first mini-album “WAY UP” on May 17th.

TNX is a six-member idol group consisting of Choi Tae-hun, Woo Kyung-jun, Jang Hyun-soo, Cheon Jun-hyuk, Eun Hwi, and Oh Sung-jun, who were selected to the final debut lineup in the finale of the boy group project program “LOUD”, which aired on SBS last year.

Source: Daum

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